Seven Ways To Earn $Tickets FREE

(1) Earn $Tickets by playing for $Tickets and winning more $Tickets

1.  PLAY OUR FREE GAMES-- improve your skill and have fun J
2.  BUY TOURNEY $Tickets-- it takes only $5.95 to open an account!
3.  PLAY FOR TICKETS & WIN ! -- play, have fun & make new friends
4.  CA$H OUT !-- exchange all tickets for CASH

(2) For players using iPhone, iPad or Android phones or Tablets: LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Earn $Tickets by installing any of our FREE apps below, then trying out that app, and if you like that app, leave a comment about it on Apple's App Store or Google Play.

If you have iPhone or iPad:

You can install any of the following free apps below, and if you liked any of the these apps, leave a rating & a comment about that app to earn 3 Free $Tickets for EACH app:

Backgammon Live       Gin Rummy GC       Cribbage Live       Dominoes Live

If you have an Android phone or tablet:

You can install any of the following free apps below, and if you liked any of the these apps, leave a rating & a comment on that app to earn 3 Free $Tickets for EACH app:

Backgammon - Real Players       Gin Rummy GC Online       GC Cribbage       Play Domino

All of the above game apps are really nice and high quality apps!
You will earn 3 Free $Tickets if you like any of the above apps and leave a rating and a comment for that app.

IMPORTANT: After you have added comments for App Store or Google Play, please let us know via 'Contact Us' and send to us the added links and your user name at that external site and we'll add $Tickets to your GameColony account.

(3) Earn $Tickets by adding referral links to GameColony on the web:

Write a new reference about GameColony in any blog or external site, forum or conference, adding some game links like this:
gin rummy

Just send to us a reference to your new blog, etc. (via Contact Us) with those links & we'll add some $Tickets to your account! If you do not yet have a FREE blog, it's very easy to start it at:

An example of blog entry like above is at blogger:

The link to Gin Rummy inside blog was entered like this:
<A href=>Gin Rummy</A>

(4) Earn $Tickets as a Frequent Payer

  • Players who played more than 35 games for $Tickets (1 $Ticket or more) in current month, will start receiving a 5% credit from GameColony's commission with every next game played. Mini-tourney games, arcade games and tourneys for 1 $Ticket or more are eligible for Frequent Player Credits.

  • Every 1st of the month the calculation for eligibility for Frequent Player Credits will start anew. As soon as the number of games ( for 1$Ticket or more ) during this month reaches 35, the player will be eligible for Frequent Player Credits.

  • Frequent Player Credits are credited as a lump sum at the end of the month (beginning of next month), and players are add itionally notified via email if Frequent Player Credits are 1 $Ticket or more. At the time of lump sum distribution, the stat ement of Frequent Player Credit calculation will be viewable via Manage Account.

  • (5) Earn $Tickets by Recommending Other $Ticket Players

    You can now earn $Tickets (20% Recurring Referral Fees) that will be deposited directly to your account just for referring your friends to us! You can use a special referral link ( see here) to refer players by email and from various Message boards, discussion forums, etc.

    Use the "refer-a-friend" button / link on our home page and enter the email addresses of some of your friends. We'll send them an email with a link to sign up. If they do, you'll get 20% of our profits that have directly resulted from your referred friends participating in on our fee-based Online Tournaments.

    You can refer your friends by word of mouth. Tell them to type your username under "Recommended by" in the signup form, and you will earn 20% Recurring Referral Fees when they sign up and start playing our Fee-based Tournaments!

    With our Referral program, you will be able to monitor your growing profits in your online account statement.

    (6) Earn $Tickets by climbing GameColony Ladder

    If you select a 'Ladder' option when creating a table, the game will count as Ladder game.
    Ladder is a whole NEW way to compete with other players on this site.

    For Example: every 1st of the month (starting October 1, 2003) Top 10 Ladder players receive prizes in $Tickets.

    For your Ladder you can see the results/ladder stats, etc. by selecting a Ladder blue button [bottommost button on the left your room listings page]
    Full Ladder rules descibed HERE

    (7) Earn $Tickets by using 'Sharing is Caring' section on the bottom of pages:

    When you use 'Sharing is Caring' section on the bottom of most GameColony's pages, you can easily share the page with many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Google, Live, StumbleUpon, etc.

    At some of these networks you may already have an account and at others you may have to create a personal account. You will earn 1 Free ticket for every 8 links that you add with this method for any one of the multitude of social networks listed.

    To earn Free Tickets via this method, after adding the links you can use 'Contact Us' and send the added links and your user name at that external site. There's a limit of 8 links per single external site listed.

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